Saturday, March 14, 2020

Can we legalize Marihuana essays

Can we legalize Marihuana essays I am going to write about the cause and effects on the use of marihuana. A lot of people use marihuana and they dont realize that they are making damage to their self. And they dont know what effects in a long term could have in using marihuana. They use it because of the immediate effect it produce on their body and their mind. This is a drug commonly used by people of all ages, specially teenagers. The primary causes of using this drug is family problems and group pressure. Although it is a socially used drug among people of all ages. Too many of these people have low self esteem problems and they use it to be part of a group. Others use it to forgot their problems for a moment. Almost anybody knows some friend or somebody that have access to drugs. Some persons use it because of a health problem such as cancer or a severe asthma. In some cases the doctor recommends it for some medical cases, because they have the faculty to prescribe it as a pain reliever. But the secondary effects are worst than the disease itself. But this is an issue highly discussed in the medical family. They are not totally sure of this. They lack on studies that demonstrate categorically that the use of this drug is of benefit for the patient. For that reason this drug is still prohibited. The effects of this drug can vary depending on the person that use it. For some kids have very bad effects such as bad grades, bad relations with family or friends or even school drop out. Cause it leads for use of some other drugs that are potentially more addictive and dangerous. Is good that it is illegal because of our own protection. Imagine a bunch of people with no brains on the streets. The accidents on the road would increase because a person that is in marihuana effects cant reason well. The people under the effects of marihuana are crazy and they dont care about nothing. ...

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