Thursday, December 12, 2019

Case Study of Yellow House Organisation †

Question: Discuss about the Case Study of Yellow House Organisation. Answer: Background Yellow house is the non-profit organisation founded by Shyam Priah, with a vision of trying to make people experience another side of Malaysia. The organisation operates in the third sector of business and has been operating since 4 years; it is the first volunteer hostel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The proposition of a nonprofit hostel was perceived by the founder based on the views the founder has towards the responsibility one has towards the environment and society. The location of the hostel is just 30 minutes away from Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur in a quaint and beautiful suburban place called Ampang. The hostel has the facility where the traveler can opt to request for a taxi or airport pickup. The company believes in giving back to the society and the environment and it wants to build a platform for the travelers to be a part of the recognition of responsibility and the importance of sustainability. The objective of the company is to cultivate the mutual effort of organizations weather it is government undertaken or private organizations such as schools, old age homes, correctional facilities, individuals and corporate in community service and development (Tabaku and Mersini 2014). Voluntourismis a big part of the idea behind Yellow House. The concept is synonymous to volunteer tourism or volunteer vacation which is an amalgamation of two ideas travelling and also volunteering. Every non-profit organisation has a definite cause which drives the objectives and goals of the organisation. The cause that the Yellow house supports in providing help to homeless people with various mental and physical disabilities, refugees and displaced communities. The organisation also focused on the wildlife and environment conservation. Providing education is a large part of the cause, teaching children with learning disability requires a lot of skill and expertise. The children who are regarded as the refugees in Malaysia have a very poor standard of living and education opportunity is very minimal for them the organisation provides education through volunteering. The organsiation also has programs for the animals like the Doggie Project which helps the animals to get a home and be adopted. Yellow House provides a platform for people to communicate their skills and expertise in order to be useful for the people in need. The organisation can accommodate people in the 16 mixed style dorms that consist of bunk beds and fans in all rooms. The hostel also has one twin room with a queen sized bed. The hostel is open to all the people who are concerned in volunteering for the cause that is supported by the organisation. Yellow house has welcomed more than 500 people in the past 4 years since inception. These people are from diverse background and countries as the organisation have no restriction fro volunteering (Tabaku and Mersini 2014). Yellow house has a holistic approach towards the concept of sustainability as the hostel is also build with the help of reused and recycled raw materials. The image of the organisation has a revolutionary and quirky appeal to it and the look of the hostel represents the image of the organisation. The company uses the platform of Facebook in marketing the group and the organisation by posting the feedbacks form the volunteers and the hostilities who have stayed and experienced with yellow pages. Some of the programs that company has organized in order to deal with the causes that the organisation supports are: Turtle Marine Conservation Environment Coral Gardening - Environment Coral Clean Up- Environment Mangrove diversity - Environment Yellow House Project a mix of Community and Environment Entrepreneurship for Refugee Women (Jewelry Making) - Community Teaching English to Refugee Children - Community Teaching English to Refugee Adults - Community Homeless Urban Poor People Project - Community Entrepreneurship for Refugee Women (Sewing) - Community Teaching Assistant for Special Needs Children - Community The organisation owns an official website which clearly states the mission and vision of the company along with the packages. The website is easy to use and the booking charges are also quite affordable. The packages that have been arranged by the organisation are divided in the categories: teachers choice, most popular and travelers choice. Depending on the brief description has been given in the website the traveler can book the package with the help pf the contact and the phone number provided in the website itself. The price has been stated on weekly basis ( 2017). References: Tabaku, E. and Mersini, M., 2014. An overview of marketing means used by non-profit organizations: A detailed overview of NPOs operating in the district of Elbasan.Journal of Marketing and Management,5(1), p.66. 2017.About. [online] Available at: [Accessed 24 Nov. 2017].

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